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AMES, Iowa -- Greg Shepherd of Stuart, Iowa, and a senior at West Central High School, won a $5,000 scholarship for his project, "The Pressure is on the Pasture" at the 2000 Iowa State Science and Technology Fair. Shepherd's project proved the vital role soil compaction plays in inhibiting natural biological activity and growing of plants.

The scholarship, provided by the Iowa Space Grant Consortium, can be used at Iowa State, Iowa, Northern Iowa or Drake universities.

Several other Iowa middle and high school students picked up awards at the fair, which was held at Iowa State University, March 31 and April 1. The Iowa State Science and Technology Fair is the only statewide general science fair for middle and high school students in Iowa. More than 400 students displayed nearly 350 projects at the fair.

Prizes are awarded at the seventh- and eighth-grade levels. High school winners receive scholarships as well as other prizes. Also, many topical awards are given by state, federal, university and industrial groups. Following is a list of many of the winners at this year's science fair and the schools they attend.

Iowa Space Grant Consortium Scholarship ($5,000)
Greg Shepherd, West Central High School

Iowa State Science and Technology Scholarships
High School - Biological
1.) Arie Schiller, Central Lee High School ($1,000)
2.) Sara Weirather, Central Lee High School ($800)
3.) Gretchen Wilson, West Central High School ($600)

High School - Physical
1.) Amber Hohl, Central Lee High School ($1,000)
2.) Blake Forsythe, Harmony High School ($800)
3.) Imelda Turner, West High School ($600)

High School - Team
1.) Jessica Grillo, Jessica Oeth and Maggie Wimmer, Ogden Community H.S. ($1,000)
2.) Lisa Plathe and Megan Ernst, Algona High School ($800)
3.) Matt Dahms and Matt Lamb, Central Lee High School ($600)

Middle School Awards
Eighth Grade - Biological
1.) Elizabeth McCauley, Central Lee Middle School
2.) Stafford Marquardt, St. Katherine's-St. Mark's
3.) Vishal Parikh, St. Katherine's-St. Mark's

Eighth Grade - Physical
1.) Erin Peterson, Adair Casey
2.) Dale Sturgis, Rockwell-Swaledale
3.) Elizabeth Kneen, Evans Middle School

Eighth Grade - Team
1.) Kayla Ashland and Lisa Vanden Hull, Sheldon
2.) Daniel Barnett and Seth Hansen, Orient Macksburg
3.) Melissa Stork and Morgan Bock, Glidden Ralston

Seventh Grade - Biological
1.) Jason Allen, Twin Cedars Community School
2.) Josh Seligman, Bennett Community School
3.) Michelle Johnson, CWL Middle School

Seventh Grade - Physical
1.) Andy Schlievert, O.B. Laing Middle School
2.) Danielle Wilson, West Central Stuart
3.) Micah Bates, Manson NW Webster

Seventh Grade - Team
1.) Nick Burken and Tyler Helmle, Preston Schools
2.) Erin and Stephanie Lichter, O.B. Laing Middle School

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