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Fraudsters beware: Iowa State engineer is developing cyber technology to find you

Yong Guan, Iowa State's Litton Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, has filed a patent on a technology that protects Internet advertisers from "click fraud" -- falsely driving up hits to ads on Web pages. The extra clicks drive up costs for pay-per-click advertising. Guan is also developing other technologies to improve computer security.

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University holiday

University offices will be closed for the holiday Tuesday, Jan. 1. Some university offices may be closed or have shortened hours through Jan. 1. Check individual office web sites for more information on holiday hours.

ISU psychologists explore public policy and effects of media violence on children

Three ISU psychologists have authored a new study that reviews the literature on children's exposure to media violence and assesses the lack of effective public policy response to curb the risks. They also recommend more effective public policy strategies in the future.

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Hoovers pledge $1.5 million for new endowed chair

Gary and Donna Hoover of Scottsdale, Ariz., have pledged more than $1.5 million to create the first endowed chair in the department of mechanical engineering at Iowa State University.

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An Iowa Stater talks about his life in space

Iowa State University President Gregory Geoffroy recently invited Clayton Anderson, an Iowa State graduate and NASA astronaut, to appear on the president's monthly radio show. Anderson told host Rob Dillard and "Talk of Iowa" listeners about his boyhood dreams to be an astronaut, his days studying engineering at Iowa State and the 16 times he applied to be an astronaut before making the corps. Hear the show by visiting the WOI Radio Group's audio archives and clicking on "Talk of Iowa - President Geoffroy and Astronaut Clayton Anderson - 12/12/07."

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ISU's link to the 2008 Iowa Caucus

Get a recap of all of Iowa State's presidential campaign activity and a list of its political experts who can comment on issues related to the Jan. 3 caucuses at this new site.

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Patti Brown

ISU Greenlee School grad student studies effectiveness of the political bumper sticker

Patti Brown, a graduate student in Iowa State's Greenlee School of Journalism and Communication, has put together a complete history and analysis of political bumpers stickers from United States presidential campaigns as a class project. It includes a political blog documenting her research and welcoming outside opinion, and a sculpture featuring two Ford pickup trucks covered in bumper stickers.

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Top 10 Scientific Breakthroughs of 2007


2. Chimpanzees Make Spears for Hunting. Following a troop of the primates in a Senegalese savanna, Jill Pruetz of Iowa State University and Paco Bertolani of Cambridge observed them breaking the branches off of trees, picking leaves from the sides, and sharpening the tips to deadly points.

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Iowa caucus can elevate second choice

McClatchy Newspapers, Charlotte Observer

A poll by Iowa State University found that 22.7 percent of likely Iowa caucus participants say Edwards is their second choice. Obama was the second choice of 20.1 percent of those surveyed, while 13.8 percent favored Clinton as their second choice.

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