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AMES, Iowa -- Iowa State University is giving the Des Moines International Airport an A-Plus.

A-Plus is the informal name for AccessPlus, a computerized information system that provides instant access to Iowa State services. The university installed several AccessPlus terminals on campus last August. The new AccessPlus terminal in the baggage area of the Des Moines International Airport will be unveiled at 5 p.m. on Wednesday, July 24. ISU President Martin Jischke and Des Moines Mayor Arthur Davis will attend.

"Iowa State technology is enabling us to bring the campus and its services to the Des Moines International Airport," said Murray Blackwelder, vice president for external affairs. "AccessPlus is going to be Iowa State's ambassador at the airport, greeting everyone flying into Des Moines. It will be used by prospective students and faculty coming to see our campus, our international visitors -- anyone who has a relationship with Iowa State and needs an instant connection to campus."

People can use the airport's AccessPlus terminal to get a campus map and a map showing how to get to Ames and the ISU campus from the airport; tap into ISU's World Wide Web site, which provides even greater access to university services; view a campus calendar of events; and obtain information on ISU athletics, student services and facts about the university. AccessPlus also will provide a direct phone connection to various university departments and a service for faxing to specific campus offices.

An AccessPlus terminal resembles an automatic teller machine and its services are accessed with a user friendly "touchscreen" system.

AccessPlus is the Iowa State's latest marketing effort at the Des Moines International Airport. Last year, the university installed two large displays in the airport concourse.

There are 10 AccessPlus terminals located on the Iowa State campus, including in the Parks Library, Memorial Union and ISU Visitor Information Booth. AccessPlus services have been accessed more than 50,000 times since terminals were installed on campus last fall.

Iowa State's Web site was rated among the top 5 percent of Web sites by Point Communications, a New York Web-ratings firm and has received a 4-star rating, the highest rating a site can achieve from Magellan, a Sausalito, Calif., internet firm.