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AMES, Iowa--Iowa State University faculty members Suzanne Hendrich, Patricia Murphy and Gary Osweiler have been awarded a $110,000 grant to study ways to detoxify fumonisin, a corn fungus which can be poisonous, even deadly, to livestock.

Hendrich and Murphy are both professors of food science and human nutrition. Osweiler is the director of the Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory. Joe Hanes, professor of veterinary pathology, will also contribute to the study.

Murphy developed a way to eliminate the toxicity of fumonisin which infests corn, thus affecting the feed of livestock. If fumonisin can be detoxified, corn can be made safe for feeding. The grant money will be used to test Murphy's development.

The grant was awarded by the USDA's National Competitive Research Initiative Competitive Grants Program. The funding for the project began in October of this year.


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