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AMES, Iowa -- Iowa State University graduate Susannah Scott was recently named a Cottrell Scholar, an award which honors excellence in science teaching and research.

Scott, who received her Ph.D. from Iowa State in 1991, is a chemistry professor at the University of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. As a Cottrell Scholar recipient, Scott was awarded $50,000.

"The Cottrell is a competitive and prestigious award," said Jim Espenson, a distinguished professor of chemistry at Iowa State University.

The Cottrell Scholar is awarded to someone who is in their first three years of a faculty job and who shows promise. It is Scott's innovative teaching style as well as her research that qualified her for this award.

Scott steers away form the lecture-style approach to teaching. She has designed her classes to be issues-based, so students see chemistry problems in a social context. Fundamentally, Scott researches chemical reactions that could lead to different ways of manufacturing products from petroleum.

Scott is one of 22 people to receive the award this year and one of only two professors in Canada to receive the award. The award is named after U.S. scientist and philanthropist Frederick Gardner Cottrell.

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