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AMES, Iowa -- Jean-Michel Cousteau, son of the famous underwater explorer Jacques Cousteau, will address the subject of "Designing our Future" at Iowa State University, Wednesday, Sept. 23, at 8 p.m. in the Sun Room of the Memorial Union. His presentation will include video footage.

"I think this is going to be a great speech on the effects our society has had on the environment, especially our oceans," said Jay Guyer, president of the SCUBA Club, one of the lecture's sponsors.

Cousteau is a graduate of the Paris School of Architecture and president of the Living Design Corporation. Cousteau spent his childhood exploring the oceans with his father. Together, they produced films and television programs, including the award- winning "Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau." Cousteau is currently producing the television series "Cousteau's Rediscovery of the World."

"Jean-Michel Cousteau, his brother and their father, Jacques Cousteau, are considered the first underwater family. They have done numerous expeditions all over the world studying underwater ecosystems," Guyer said.

Cousteau has also been involved in many environmental projects, such as creating plans for a tropical island in the Bismarck Sea, assisting in a national survey for the environmental protection and development of Madagascar and heading the team that transformed a section of the ocean liner Queen Mary into the Living Sea Museum in California. He writes for Earth Matters and is involved in Project Ocean Search, which provides the public with an opportunity to study underwater ecosystems.

Cousteau's visit is being sponsored by the SCUBA club, the Student Environmental Council, the colleges of Design, Engineering, Liberal Arts and Sciences, Agriculture, and Veterinary Medicine, the departments of biology, forestry, botany, and sociology, and the Committee on Lectures.


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